4 Expectations for Tech and VC in 2021

The year fast coming to a close was unlike any other in our lifetimes. In prior posts, we shared our observations on the state of venture and tech as the market swooned; we foretold the waning influence of Silicon Valley as smaller ecosystems benefited from the exodus of tech talent (and now VCs) from the Bay Area; and, during the market’s March bottom we made our Bull Case for why LPs should stay the course and continue investing in the VC asset class, market gyrations be damned.

1. The “decoupling” of capital and geography, accelerated by Covid-19, expands and matures.

2. Numerous unicorn companies will be built on the Zoom platform as remote work becomes the new normal.

3. The “creator economy” picks up where influencers left off, enabling talent to go direct, own their brands, and their audiences.

4. Innovation and disruption in venture will continue to fuel a renaissance across the asset class.