We Are Catapult.

Catapult is a global venture capital platform serving entrepreneurs and investors committed to building transformational companies addressing fundamental human needs. We aim to be indispensable partners to entrepreneurs around the world passionate about building companies driving meaningful innovation in new or existing industries, products or services. Our vision is one of a world where creative, flexible, and cost-effective forms of capital can move freely to support the best impact-oriented companies and entrepreneurs wherever they compete.

Core to the foundation of Catapult is our conviction that every sector of the global economy is being disrupted by a technology innovation boom and, with it, the rise of technology centers around the world. We believe leading venture investors must keep pace with this rapid change and must maintain a global investment orientation

Exhibit A for why @Catapult_VC spends so much time looking for great companies coming from underserved markets outside Silicon Valley. https://t.co/JeNbdEqzo0